Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tulip Farm Block

The last couple of months were super busy with the holidays and wedding preparations, but finally took a little time out to stitch this block from Blackbird Designs' Tulip Farm quilt.  I really feel a little more balanced now - stitching does work wonders for the soul.

Also finished the chicken block from the Garden Club quilt.  I'm pleased with how the little feathers turned out - tried a new technique I read about where you clip in between a small area just ahead of stitching to deter fraying, and it worked well!

Found these darling railroad dishes in an antique store, and my husband bought them for me for Christmas.  I have long been fascinated with the romantic idea of train travel before airplanes were around, and railroad china has further piqued my interest, and its hard to find.

The wedding is now three months away, so every weekend we get a little more done.  The wedding dress is ordered, the rose garden where the ceremony will be held is reserved, we went to preview wedding cake ideas last weekend, and today we went to a wine store to learn more about champagne.  The goal is to enjoy the experience a little at a time, and not overdo.  We were planning to make the buffet food for the reception ourselves, but friends are trying to talk us out of it or at least having part of it catered.  Would love to hear your experiences and recommendations on wedding plans, as we still think its possible to make most of the food ourselves.