Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Last

Making some progress on the Moon and Stars quilt.  I need to make more of the triangle settings so the pattern will emerge.  The block on the left doesn't belong where it is, but wanted a picture to see how it would look with a different setting. 

Found the dot fabric for the backing today.  I'm pleased with it as I just love dots and these were the perfect color combo - also 40% off at a Halloween fabric sale!  Hopefully purchasing the backing fabric will inspire me to finish this quilt - I'm really amazed at the way this quilt is designed, and like the coverlet effect.  Had oodles of cute trick or treaters this year, so I sat and appliqued while waiting for the doorbell to ring.  I'm back to red and green applique for a bit, so will show that next time.  Happy Halloween to all!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Moon and Stars

Taking a break from the beloved red and green quilts to work on something totally different.  Just finished the first block for the Moon and Stars quilt from McCall's Vintage Quilting magazine, Spring 2006 issue.  I loved this quilt from the moment I saw it, and this seemed to be the right time of year to start it!  The antique quilt was made in Texas in 1896.  Once more blocks are finished and put together, will post so the stars in the corners show up.  Don't you just love the graphic appeal of two-color quilts?

So excited that the pieced baskets from the Reproduction group swap arrived this last week.  They are all so unique and wonderful - so fun to see the creativity and marvelous work that went into these blocks and am thinking about how to put them together.  Will definitely make at least two to six more blocks to go with these.