Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spreading Leaves & Cherries

The cherry cake quilt is getting closer to completion.  Its a really cheerful quilt to work on during dreary winter days.  Only four more applique blocks to finish and then I can sew it together and think about border choices.  What to do, what to do:  fancy  appliqued border with lots more berries, vines and baskets or just call it a day and add a plain border fabric?   Time will tell as soon as its finished!

Closeup of the latest finished block - its called Spreading Leaves from the Inspired by Tradition book by Kay Mackenzie.  This book is really great as it comes with a CD so you have options for 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch blocks all ready to print out.  Even though this is a six-inch finished block, I used the pattern for the eight-inch block as I wanted the applique to fill in more space.  I plan to use this book to make at least two more blocks as there are a couple more cherry blocks included.  Really appreciate you stopping by for a visit, and always enjoy your comments and feedback!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cherry Wreath

New year, new month, new block for the cherry cake quilt which has been in progress for (ahem) a while now!  The pattern is from Lori Smith's Fit to Frame: Pattern Sixteen - was so pleased that its a perfect fit for the appliqued setting blocks.

Progress so far on the cherry cake quilt. All good intentions to stay on track and finish this during the first six months this year.  I'm really pleased with it so far, and just passed the half way point with the applique blocks.  The cake stand blocks came from a friendship swap within a Reproduction Quilt Yahoo group, and I just love the colors, so don't want to let them languish any longer.

I appreciate you stopping by for a visit - tomorrow I'll be cheering for the 49ers and working on the next block!