Friday, June 4, 2010

Daylilly Dreams

Despite the cool weather this year, the daylillies are in full bloom. We get the plants from Amador Flower Farm which has acres of these beauties.

Almost a table full of spools - up to 21 now - so making progress.  A few of my favorite hand piecing tools are shown in the dish.  The little omnigrid ruler is just perfect for marking the sewing lines.  Also discovered that DMC thread in a neutral color works great and is nice and thin so it doesn't make the seam allowance overly large.  Applique pins work great for matching points, and the thread doesn't get hung up on them too often.  A fine point mechanical pencil is great for marking the sewing lines, and has shown up on all the fabrics so far.  What hand piecing tools do you use to make the process easier? 


Janet said...

I don't handpiece yet so thanks for the tool tips! Your spools look great as do your flowers.

terry said...

can you post the pattern you are using? It has a different shape from the other spools I have seen. Thanks

Janet said...

I'm trying a little bit more of the hand piecing, not my strong point. I do use the little ruler. I've had some trouble on some fabrics with the pencil not showing up. I tried a silver gel pen but it can get all over my fingers. The spools are looking wonderful, good number!