Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Little Something Useful

With all the rainy weather outside, it sure was a perfect day for some tea and knitting. The tea cup and saucer are part of our wedding dishes received in 1980. I still love them after all these years and they bring back such sweet memories. Free time is short lately so I have been indulging in some small instant gratification projects like these knitted washcloths made from cotton yarn. They can be finished in a few evenings and make a perfect gift along with a bar of nicely scented soap. This one is headed to my daughter.


Libby said...

Those are the best kind of projects . . . the ones you can quickly pick up and get a fast fiber fix *s*

Janice said...

Love those soft, soft cloths, Dixie. I was on a roll last year and bought a zillion balls of Sugar and Cream and a pattern book. Maybe I should actually knit them!!!!

Holly Howard said...

Mom I love my washcloth. But it's to pretty to use, so I haven't yet. I also Love the lavender soap! Can't wait to hear about more projects. <3 Holly